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Explanation for laboratory test results

Below, we have collected the most common markings, comments, and evaluations in Medicover’s laboratory findings to help interpret them.


In this case, the tested parameter cannot be detected in the sample. Numerical results are not given because the laboratory test only examines detectability.

A negative finding for each test type has the following meaning:

  • in infection serology, the patient has not yet encountered the pathogen
  • blood group: the tested antigen is not in the blood
  • immunological tests: the tested autoantibody (antibody) is not detectable


In this case, the tested parameter can be detected in the sample. Numerical results are not given because the laboratory test only examines detectability. In the case of a positive finding, further testing(s) may be recommended.


It is not possible to decide whether the sample clearly has the tested parameter (negative or positive), the value is at the boundary of the two ranges. In these cases, it is always worth repeating the test after a short time, which determines whether the previous positivity decreases or the negativity increases.

Laborlelet értelmezése
Női nemi hormonok labor


If the finding contains this comment, the test should be repeated after a short time.


Mostly due to some technical issue, the sample is inadequate for testing (e.g., low quantity, wrong tube type, or damaged during centrifugation).


The most common comments about a sample could be:

  • hemolyzed: disintegrated red blood cells may interfere with certain measurements
  • lipemic: high levels of blood fats, which affects the measurement


For various reasons, the result cannot be issued, the test must be repeated from a new sample.


The test has not been completed yet, results are expected later.


Usually a proposal for further tests.


Values ​​between the lower and upper concentrations, measured in healthy people. Male and female reference values ​​and age differences are handled by the laboratory system, which means that the indicated normal value corresponding to gender and age. The finding also includes reference values ​​for special cases where the range may vary from normal values:

  • pregnancy/pregnancy 1st trimester
  • before / after menopause
  • low/high risk
  • female cycle follicular/luteal phase

< number

The measured value is less than the number next to it, the value is between 0 and the number. This usually means that the result is below the limit of laboratory measurement.

> number

The measured value is greater than the number next to it. If the exact value matters, the blood sample can be re-measured after dilution, but this is very rarely required for diagnostic purposes.

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